Boulevard Trophy’s 7000 square-foot facility, located at 5007 S. Tamarus St., is equipped to handle both large and small orders. We are a full-service shop, providing the following services in-house:


Rotary Engraving

Traditional rotary-bit engraving of plaques, trophy plates, signs and other flat items is handled by a trio of rotary engraving machines, with table sizes up to 25″ X 25″. The different capabilities of each machine provide for a wide range of possibilities for customers who want the classic look representative of rotary engraving.

Laser Engraving

For a more modern look, our facility also utilizes 100-watt water-cooled and 25-watt air-cooled laser engraving systems. Lasers have replaced rotary machines as the preferred method of engraving, due to the increased level of choices above standard rotary engraving. Since laser engravers utilize standard computers and programs for design rather than the specialized equipment of rotary machines, products designed for laser engraving can utilize literally thousands of type styles and artwork. We can easily integrate your company’s own fonts and graphics into your awards, at a better price point than would be possible with rotary engraving. A laser can also effectively engrave many products which were not designed for engraving, or whose odd shape or composition make rotary engraving impossible. A customer can bring in their own product, and we can usually tell upon inspection whether it can be engraved by our lasers or by one of our other engraving methods.

Hand Engraving

For those products which do not lend themselves to rotary or laser engraving, hand engraving may still be a possibility. This process involves securing the product to be engraved to one of our two Engravograph tables. Characters are individually typeset in the layout tray by hand, and each character is carefully engraved one stroke at a time in this exacting, laborious process. While many engraving shops have discontinued hand engraving, Boulevard Trophy continues to offer this service to our customers, because even today there are still instances in which no other method of engraving is possible.

Trophy Creation & Assembly

The common “sports” type standing trophy is a core product of Boulevard Trophy, and we pride ourselves in being able to provide a large assortment of standard styles, as well as the ability to create custom trophies based on the customer’s needs and preferences. Our products range from simple “little league” player trophies starting at $6.50, all the way up to national-level sports award cups costing thousands of dollars.

Machine Cutting

Boulevard Trophy has at its disposal a state-of-the-art MultiCam engraving/cutting table, where we can custom cut many different materials to meet our customers’ needs. From acrylic lettering and custom-shaped acrylic, to specially-designed wood cutting, our MultiCam adds yet another valuable facet to our capabilities. We can also provide mounting on-location for the lettering that we provide.


Sublimation is a process by which an image is permanently impressed upon a product by heat and pressure. Sublimation offers a cost-effective method for creating products which in the past would require much more time and expense to create. Sublimation allows us to put custom art and type styles unavailable in rotary engraving onto materials that cannot be laser-engraved. From name tags to signs to plaques and more, even full-color artwork and photographs can be rendered with sublimation, with much greater speed and economy than color screen printing. Utilizing printers with special sublimation toner, as well as our heat press, mug press and thermal printer, we can sublimate unique designs onto a varied range of products.

Framing & Mounting

Boulevard Trophy provides custom matte cutting and framing services in-house to our customers through the use of our custom frame and matte-cutting equipment. This includes the capability to create deep shadow boxes for objects that need to be mounted. Mounting of customer items on wood or marble bases, or other types of materials is also available.
In addition to in-house services, we can also provide a variety of other award products and processes through our network of suppliers. These products include:


Whether you need a certificate, diploma or newspaper clipping permanently sealed inside a plaque, or a logo or solid object embedded within clear Lucite for posterity, Boulevard Trophy can act as your local source for custom products by suppliers from all over the country.


For large multi-color orders, when screen printing is the best option for your needs, we can be your one-stop provider for virtually any type of screen printed product. Some orders may be best accomplished by a combination of screen printing and engraving, and by utlizing our screen printing suppliers directly, we can keep tight control over the high quality of the final product. We are also in the process of developing in-house screen printing services, to provide even more value to our customers.

Bronzing and bronze casting

Due to the intense environmental regulations that must be adhered to in order to run a bronzing factory, no in-house bronzing facility is currently operating anywhere in the state of Nevada. Through our extensive contacts, Boulevard Trophy is able to provide this method of award manufacture to our customers on a custom-order basis. We can also provide custom bronze casting of custom plaques and awards, for applications where extreme durability and style is a must.

Acid etching

Another method of engraveur that Boulevard Trophy can provide is acid etching. Acid etching provides a unique look to many types of plaques and is excellent for publicly displayed pieces that may be subjected to more harsh conditions than plaques for private individuals.

The Boulevard Trophy showroom is designed to provide a sampling of all the different types of products and engraving methods that we can provide. From acrylic to glass, wood to marble, engraving to embedment to acid etching, a visit to our showroom should provide a good overview of the options available to our customers. Our large warehouse area allows us to keep many of the most common products in stock, so that your order can begin production immediately.